J. Hawkins & Co. builders of fine custom rifle stocks and
associated services serving the Pacific Northwest since 1995.

We are old school in our approach to customer service and high
tech in our quest to provide the highest quality products and services.

Our primary expertise encompasses all shooting disciplines of modern bolt action rifles,
from beginner to those already at a Master class level. In addition we provide a wide range
of stock related services for shotguns, Highwalls, Rolling blocks, and Black powder rifles.

With a deep knowledge and understanding of the science of ballistics and the skills required to perform at master levels, we apply that knowledge for an unsurpassed approach to your craft.

Our Motto is “In Pursuit of excellence”


Custom Rifle Stocks

Custom Builds Accessory Installations
  • Tactical   • Adjustable Cheek hardware
  • Competition   • Adjustable Butt hardware
  • Varmint   • Recoil Pads
  • Hunting   • Drop Bottom Metal
  • Rolling Blocks   • Misc.
  • Rolling Blocks   • AGM night optics
  • Black Powder  
Stock Repair And Restoration Custom Finishes
  • Dents   • Oil
  • Cracks   • Clear coat
  • Era Restoration   • Custom Paint
           • Solids
Pillar Bedding          • Spider Web
  • Pillar Bedding, your quantum leap to accuracy          • Camo